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Access Your Prior Year Income Tax Return

If you e-filed a 2013 income tax return that was accepted by the IRS, you may access it through our site by using the link below. You cannot make any changes to the return. You may only print these forms.

If you want to file a new Prior Year return or Amend a Prior Year return, you can do so by clicking the link below. Once in, you will create an account for that year. If you want to file a return, choose the form 1040. If you want to amend a return, choose Form 1040X and input the correct data, first. Later you will be prompted to input what was actually on the form when filed.

Access My 2013 Income Tax Return

To Prepare a Prior Year Income Tax Return

If you need to file an income tax return from a prior year, the software will complete the forms for you. You will need to paper file that tax return. To enter information allowing us to calculate your forms to be mailed, please select the year needed below.

*Please Note: Prior year returns cannot be electronically filed, you must print the calculated forms and mail them to the IRS and/or State.

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