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We are here to help with your tax questions. Understanding your taxes is the key to getting the best result on your tax return. Below is a list of Tax Information for Individuals. You will find tax tips and helpful information on credits, deductions, adjustments, income, e-file, and much more! Click on a category to see some commonly asked questions and answers.

E-File, Requirements, and Refunds
E-file Dates, Eligibility, and General Information
Self-Select PIN Program What is it?
Refunds When to expect yours, How to check your status and who to contact
Filing Requirements Do you have to file? What form to use.
Filing Status Which Filing Status is right for you?
Dependents General and Specific Information
Exemptions Explained

Income, Adjustments, and Deductions
Adjustments Eligible adjustments and limitations of each.
Itemized Deductions When, What, Where and Why of Itemized Deductions
Other Income Lawsuit Awards, Workers Comp, Inheritance, State Refund, Lump Sum Distributions
Pensions and Annuities What is Taxable and Information on Pensions
Social Security Income What to claim, What is Taxable, and General Information
Business/Self-Employment Income Definitions, Income, Deductions and Tax
Capital Gains/Losses & Sale of a Home General Information and Specific Information on Stocks
IRA's Traditional, Roth, additional tax, what is deductible

Tax Credits Information
Child Care Credit Where and How to Claim This Credit
Child Tax Credit Qualifications, Eligibility, Additional Child Tax Credit, Required Forms
Education Credits/ Tuition & Fees Eligibility, American Opportunity, Lifetime, Student Loan, Pell Grant, Income, Coverdell ESA
Earned Income Credit Qualifications and Guidelines
Other tax Credits and Questions Elderly, Retirement, Electric Vehicle, Health Coverage, Adoption, and Refundable Vs. Non-Refundable Credits

General Information
Amended Returns When, What, How and Where for 1040X
Copy of Tax Information How to Obtain a Copy and Getting Your AGI
Foreign Income Exclusion and Credit, Rules and Eligibility
W-2 Questions Statutory Employee, EIN, 1099-MISC
Payments 1040V, Estimated payments, Pay by Credit Card

Tax Forms and Publications
Federal Forms Printable PDF's for all Supported Forms, Instructions and Schedules for your Federal Return
State Forms Printable PDF's for the most commonly used State Forms and Instructions

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