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OnLine Taxes supports all state income tax returns

OnLine Taxes Files ALL State Tax Returns - After you e-file your Federal Tax Return, you can also e-file your State Tax Return

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State Income Tax returns are only $9.95 $12.95 each! (If you do not qualify for FREEFILE)
Please select your state and we will display the forms supported.

State Tax Returns
Want to file your federal and state return together? Already filed your federal tax return? No problem! You can file your state tax return with OnLine Taxes!*

You can complete one or multiple states with OnLine Taxes! We offer nonresident and part-year resident state tax returns.**

E-Filing of State Only returns is not available. If you are filing a State Return, you will need to either file your State Return along with your Federal Return, or you may print the state forms and mail them in.
Note: New York is an exception, state only E-file is allowed.

**Not all states allow part-year or nonresident returns to be electronically filed.

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