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Join the OnLine Taxes Affiliate Program!

Earn Extra Money as an OnLine Taxes Affiliate!

Would you like to earn some extra money with little effort on your part?

We are looking for business minded people to become part of the OnLine Taxes Team! We will pay you $2.00 for each paid income tax return you refer to us.

How it Works!
We will provide you with a link to use on your website (you must have your own website) for your family, friends and coworkers to use when coming to our site to e-file their income tax return. They must complete their income tax return and e-file through OnLine Taxes and you will earn the $2.00 referral fee. (Income tax returns filed through the IRS Free File site will not count as paid returns.) It's that easy!

When Will I Get Paid?
After 8 income tax returns are filed using your referral code, your referral fees will be mailed to you twice per month through April 30. After April 30, your fees will be paid to you monthly through October 15.

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