Products Offered to OLT Customers


Bank Products Offered to OLT Customers

Refund Transfer Product Offered to OLT Customers

OnLine Taxes, Inc. has partnered with TPG (Santa Barbara Tax Products Group), a third party processor for Green Dot Bank, to offer a bank product for individual users. We offer several products, see which one best fits your needs! Bank Products

If you do not have a credit/debit card or a Pay Pal account, you can use the RT option to pay for your filing fees.

RT (Refund Transfer)
Direct Deposit - $29.95 bank fee plus fees when filing a Federal return or Federal and State return together.

Refund Transfers are bank deposit products offered Santa Barbara Tax Products Group (TPG), using Green Dot Bank, Member FDIC, that enable certain deductions from the account to be processed. Refund Transfers are not loans. Tax refund and e-filing are required in order to receive Refund Transfer. Fees apply. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

To check the status of your TPG refund or if you have questions, you may either logon to their web site.
Call TPG at 877-908-7228

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