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Federal Extension Information
For 2022 tax year, the due date for filing an individual tax return is April 18, 2023. Extensions must be filed by the tax due date.
An extension is a request for additional time to file, not additional time to pay. If you are going to owe, you have to mail in your payment by the tax filing due date to avoid penalty.
If you are certain you are due a tax refund, it is not necessary to file an extension. There is no penalty for late filing unless you owe the IRS.
If you need more time to file your tax return and would like to take advantage of our FREE extension filing (IRS Form 4868), you have until the tax filing due date of April 18, 2023 to get your extension transmitted.

Current Customer
To file an extension, if you do not have an account with OLT, you will need to create a New Account. If you have an account, then you need to log-in to your account. Within the account, under the Primary Information Tab, click Extension. Follow the prompt which will take you to prepare the extension and in the end of the process to Submit the extension for e-file.
You can print out a copy of your extension for your records by clicking on the link to View Forms. Click on the link for Form 4868 to view and print.
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Current Customer

New Customer
If you are not a current customer and would like to file an extension, we will be glad to help you. Simply create an OnLine Taxes return by using the "Start a New 2022 Tax Return". Enter your personal information, your filing status and your spouse's information (if applicable). This information is necessary to file an extension. Under the Primary Information Tab, select Extension. Follow the prompt which will take you to prepare the extension and in the end of the process to Submit the extension for e-file. When you are ready to complete your return for filing, simply use the "Login to My 2022 Tax Return" and choose to "Complete My Tax Return" all information previously entered will be there for you and you will keep the same username and password used to file your extension.
To access your Form 4868 for printing, use the "Login to My 2022 Tax Return". Click on "View Forms" in your Tax Return Status page and select your Form 4868. Your Form 4868 filing status will also be listed for you. You will need to print Form 4868 and keep a copy for your records.
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State Extensions
States have different rules concerning filing an extension. To see more information about your state, click below then scroll to find your state.

State Extension

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