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Affiliate/Associate and Co-Branding Terms and Conditions ONLINE TAXES

Affiliate/Associate and Co-Branding Terms and Conditions

As an OnLine Taxes Affiliate, you will earn $2.00 per paid return that is referred by you. As an Associate you will earn $3.00 per paid return that is referred by you. You will need to input the information necessary for you to receive a referral fee. Registration must occur before income tax return preparation and the first customer access to OLT software must come from the link that we will send to you for your site.

OnLine Taxes will provide all income tax return processing and customer service. You do not need to be a tax return preparer or have any special permission to prepare income taxes to be an Affliliate. An Associate is required to have a tax website. Each time you refer a customer to OnLine Taxes who pays for a Federal income tax return, you will receive a $2.00/$3.00 fee. (Free income tax returns through the IRS Free File or State Free File web sites do not count as paid tax returns and will not earn a referral fee). After 8 paid tax returns, OnLine Taxes will send out your payment.

Payments will be mailed to your address of record twice per month, after the 15th and the last day of each month. After April 30th, fees will be paid monthly through the end of electronic filing, October 15.

To receive a referral for the income tax return, the taxpayer must enter the site for the first time through the link provided to you for your site and not through a different path.

After you register, we will send you a link that includes your referral code that will identify you as the source of the referral. We will also include some graphics that you may use in your marketing.

In addition, Co-Branding terms and conditions will be worked out on a per company basis.