Get Prepared to File Your Income Tax Return

Tips To Speed Up The Filing Process and Avoid Refund Delays

Top 10 Tax Tips from OnLine Taxes at

OnLine Taxes Top 10 Tips

Would you like to speed up your e-file and refund process?
On-Line Taxes, Inc. at offers tips to help you get your refund faster!


  1. Make a list of what you will need to be completely ready to file online. For example:
    Bank 1099's
    Home loan statement
    Charitable donation documentation
    Investment statements
  2. Locate social security cards for you, your spouse, and your dependents (names and numbers must match IRS records).
  3. If someone else lived in your home, they may also count as a dependent. Read the rules.
  4. Gather the amount of your child-care expenses and provider tax ID to get the full Child Care Credit.
  5. Pull last year's tax return to compare to this year. It also has the information you need to utilize the PIN program for paperless filing.
  6. If you own a house, have large contributions or paid high sales tax, try the itemized deductions Schedule A and compare the total to the Standard deduction. You may be surprised to learn that itemizing is for you!
  7. Make a list of life changes. Did you get married? Have a child? Purchase a home? Sell a home? Set aside money for someone's education? Save for retirement? Make a contribution to charity?
  8. Be aware that tax rules have changed. Exemption amounts have increased, standard deductions have increased, and the standard mileage rate has increased.
  9. Make up your mind to "Do it now". You can e-file with IRS using
  10. Relax! You really can do your own taxes. If you have questions or problems, contact our Customer Support for help!